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Creative Education SWAN Online Training

Support a safe and successful return to school using the SWAN framework

This free online video course of 9 modules with certification is delivered by Dr Pooky Knightsmith, Psychiatrist, Government Advisor for Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Director of Creative Education.

The content of the Support a safe and successful return to school course , which has been devised in response to the current Covid 19 situation, is delivered in bite sized videos that will take less than an hour to watch in total. At the end there is a short activity to encourage reflection on what has been learned and how it can be taken forward.

The videos and the accompanying guided discussion template aim to enable all course participants to use the SWAN framework as a springboard for thinking about the return to school for both children and adults; the notion being that never before have young people required the adults around them to be the SWAN:

S – safe

W – welcoming

A – all together

N – nurturing

Access the course here: https://elearning.creativeeducation.co.uk/courses/support-a-safe-successful-return-to-school-using-the-swan-framework/

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