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Youth Mental Health Courses with Future Learn

Future Learn provides youth mental health courses to explore and understand the mental health issues that affect young people.

All the courses can be accessed for free online and can be worked through at an individual pace.

One of the courses to be released within the coming weeks (on the 8th March) is Bullying in Schools: How Should Teachers Respond? This has been created for teachers, leaders, support staff and volunteers working in schools who have a duty of care for children.

The course is scheduled over a 2 week period, averaging 1 hour study time per week and covers:

  • Current data on student reporting of bullying
  • Research based insights to help educators understand the complexity of bullying
  • Strategies to reduce bullying at a student, classroom and school level

Completion of the course should enable participants to:

  • Identify bullying
  • Interpret people’s different attitudes towards bullying
  • Explain why bullying is under-reported by students to staff
  • Engage helpfully when a student reports bullying

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Other courses that may be of interest include:

Supporting Adolescent Learners: Social and Emotional Wellbeing (released on 15th March)


Teaching Students Who Have Suffered Complex Trauma (released on 22nd February)


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