Eco Charter

What is the Eco Charter?

This is a specially designed flexible programme for schools, which is linked to the International Sustainable Development Goals and allows schools to show progression in becoming sustainable (Part of Ofsted – Education for Sustainable Development).

PECT’s bespoke Eco Charter supports environmental education in schools; encouraging over 130,000 students a year to think sustainably and collectively reduce their impact on our environment.

We’re leading the way nationally with our bespoke Eco Charter for schools supporting the second highest uptake of Environmental Education in the UK. Originally focusing on schools in the Peterborough area, we are now broadening our reach and working with schools across the whole of the Eastern region – embedding knowledge of sustainability issues into classes to inspire the next generation of forward-thinking students.

How does it work?

As part of the Charter, schools can gain accreditation in each of the themes with certificates being awarded for each, and when a school has achieved five themes they can proudly fly their own Eco Flag. There are 10 themes to the charter that can be worked on simultaneously, with each one being assessed and certificated individually.

  • Local Sustainable Food
  • Active Sustainable Transport
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Sustainable Water
  • Equity & Economy
  • Health & Happiness
  • Land Use & Wildlife
  • Culture & Heritage
  • Zero Carbon
  • Zero Waste

100% flexibility, allowing you to decide how, when and what you do and with no formal portfolio of evidence, it allows teachers to spend more time embedding outdoor and eco learning practices.

PECT act as a single point of contact for schools and other environmental education providers to facilitate a collaborative and co-ordinated regional approach to eco education. This enables us to inspire future generations of residents to live sustainably and encourages positive behaviour change both for schools and in individual homes. Our extensive knowledge of the School Curriculum and systems allows tailored support and advice, with information about resources, events, competitions and teacher training collated and circulated to schools via our half termly newsletter.

Once completed you can apply for your accreditation at any time, so the students involved can celebrate their achievements. To gain accreditation in your chosen theme we would expect to see an embedded ethos across the school, so that good practices continue whilst a new area of focus is worked on. Once you have been accredited in 5 themes you can apply to fly the Eco Flag or display your Eco Plaque!

How we support you

  • Teacher twilight sessions
  • 6-weekly newsletters, with national updates & resource ideas
  • Loan of resources to support your student engagement
  • Links to local & national providers
  • Curriculum and Ofsted requirement links
  • In-school targeted workshops
  • CPD opportunities
  • Eco Awards celebration event
  • All certificates & awards

At the end of each year we hold our highly acclaimed annual Eco Awards. This is an all-day event where schools share their projects, take part in fun activities and are recognised for their achievements. 

If you would like to know more details, or arrange a school visit, please contact our Education Lead at [email protected] or visit our website.



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