The Blueprint For Mental Health Provision

The Blueprint is intended for use as a self-auditing and reflection tool. It covers eight sections in line with the whole school approach, with a series of questions in each section.

The Blueprint is available in Word and Excel – both have the same questions. These are intended to prompt discussion with students, colleagues, and families and for this purpose the printable Word version may be more accessible. The Excel version gives an opportunity to scale responses to the questions and automatically generates a red, amber, green score which enables you to see areas where you are doing well and those that need further development. This will support you in putting together a priority action plan. You can use both resources together.

You can download each version for your own use. The Excel version could form the basis of an action plan and would offer tracking and evidence possibilities around the progress made in your setting’s mental health provision.  

Both versions have resources for each section with links and references.