The Healthy School Awards

We have established an optional Healthy Schools awards scheme schools can access. The awards recognise three core levels of achievement – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – as well as an Ambassador award for schools that want to share their learning with other schools.

Recognising what you have achieved so far.

Bronze Award

The aim of the Bronze Award is to encourage schools to review the initiatives in place and the work being carried out to improve the health, wellbeing and resilience of the school community.

To support the completion of this award, this online Audit Tool has been designed to allow progress to be reviewed easily which focuses on the following key areas:

  • Leadership
  • Supporting staff
  • Engaging with parents/carers
  • Policy Review – relating to Health Education
  • Physical Activity
  • Healthy Eating
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
Bronze Accreditation Audit Survey   
Congratulations to St Peter’s School – the first secondary school to achieve both the Food Smart and Healthy Schools Bronze Award

Bronze Award

Most recent awards
St Peter’s School – February 2022
Hampton Hargate Primary School – February 2022
Orton Wistow Primary School – November 2021
Thongsley Fields Primary & Nursery School – May 2021
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Planning for change.

Silver Award

The framework for the silver award can be used to direct a schools plan to improve the health, wellbeing, and resilience of their children and young people.

The first step will be to undertake a needs analysis to identify challenges that affect all children and young people and those challenges that impact a select few. Both will be equally important. Our team will guide the school through this first step.

The second step will be to develop the key action plans required to address the challenges identified. Our team will support the school with this work and facilitate access to support services that are relevant to the school’s plans. The agreed action plans will outline the proposed activity, identify relevant outcomes and establish key milestones.

Silver Award

No achievements as yet. Check back soon.

Making a difference.

Gold Award

The Gold award framework is used to evidence the work schools undertake to implement their plans.

The first step will be to consider how a school has implemented the actions agreed through the Silver award planning stage, and to what extent outcomes have been achieved. Both will be equally important. Our team will guide the school through this first step.

The second step will be to review how well the actions have been embedded within the school. Evidence of collaborative working with parents/carers and established links with support services will be of importance at this stage to support a schools application for a Gold award.

Gold Award

No achievements as yet. Check back soon.

Sharing your knowledge.

Become an Ambassador

We know that the learning and experience of our network of school communities will be invaluable to others. Ambassador Schools will be recognised as leaders in one or more of the nine topic areas. They will be invited to help us shape the future direction and development of the network and support us to share best practice with the wider network and beyond.

As much or as little as meets their need. They can determine their own time commitment, with the knowledge that our team will support them as they progress.

Healthy School Status requires schools to meet the universal criteria as outlined for the Bronze Award.

The criteria relate not only to the taught curriculum but also to the emotional, physical and learning environment that the school provides. Many schools are already engaged in these activities so achieving recognition need not be onerous.

Schools are encouraged to take a whole school approach in order to:

  • develop an ethos and environment that supports learning and promotes the health and wellbeing of the whole school community
  • engage, consult and encourage participation of all within the school community
  • create an extremely effective school improvement mechanism which brings about and embeds cultural and behavioural change

Healthy Schools Status is valid for 3 years from the date the self-validation is accepted and confirmed by a member of the Healthy Schools team. However, it is recommended that the standards required for the Bronze Award are reviewed and updated regularly after verification to ensure the information is up to date and relevant.

Achieving the status of a Healthy School within Cambridgeshire and Peterborough demonstrates a commitment to the health, wellbeing and resilience of both the pupils and the staff. It also:

  • provides a clear focus for informing future development of the school’s health agenda through policy, planning and practice
  • accords with the personal development strand of the revised OFSTED framework for September 2019 whereby the school will demonstrate evidence of providing opportunities for its pupils to learn how to be active, healthy and engaged citizens.

No, the Healthy Schools’ Awards are non-portfolio based awards. Following a school’s self-evaluation, there will be a visit from the Healthy Schools’ team; the aim being to validate the school’s fulfilment of the required criteria. Prior to this visit, the school will be asked for a number of documents such as curriculum plans and a range of policies linked to the core health themes of the award. The rest of the evidence will be collected via interviews with key stakeholders during the assessment visit.

Schools achieving the universal criteria for the Bronze Award will be entitled to use the Healthy Schools Cambridgeshire and Peterborough logo for 3 years. Following accreditation, the Healthy Schools awards framework enables schools to further improve the health behaviours of their pupils through conducting a needs analysis and generating a bespoke action plan. This plan has to include one universal action (ie: that will affect all the pupils in the school) and one targeted action (ie: that is aimed at a particular group of pupils in the school.) Fulfilment of the standards for each of the awards – bronze, silver and gold – will be recognised through the presentation of a plaque, individualised for each level of achievement.