Healthy You

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Healthy Lifestyle services provides free programme offers to support schools to embed physical activity and healthy eating into the daily lives of children and their families.

There are four programmes available:

Healthy You, Healthy Me – This is a classroom-based series of lessons focusing on healthy eating including physical activity games. This consists of 5 lessons for both KS1 and KS2, covering topics such as the Eatwell guide, healthy breakfast, snacks and lunchbox, energy balance and fats salts and sugars. Lessons can be accessed individually or delivered as a full series.

Target – KS1 and 2

These resources provide the option for self-delivery but can be delivered by the Healthy You team on request.

Healthy You – Active 4 Ten – Following the themes from Healthy You Healthy Me, these ten-minute videos can be played in the classroom, assembly or PE lesson to get children moving whilst learning the basics about healthy eating.

Target – KS1 and 2

Healthy You Crew

The Healthy You Crew is a programme to establish 4-6 pupils as school wide healthy eating ambassadors. The Healthy You Crew will gain access to student-led online learning, focused around healthy eating and nutrition, at a time that suits them. Each session will end with a small challenge/task for the Healthy You Crew to take to the wider school to complete. A notice board with information, photos and outcomes from the challenges could be displayed at the school to evidence the work the Healthy You Crew are doing and the positive steps the school have made.

Target – KS2 (year 5), but will engage the wider school

Schools can access all of the above offers by signing up for FREE to the online resource pack. For further information, please contact your local co-ordinator or by talking to your local School Games Organiser.

Your local co-ordinator is also available to come in to support at Healthy Lifestyle events in your school (Healthy Eating Days, Move More days, Sports Days etc.) and they are able to provide a range of different options, please do get in contact if you’d like any support in your school.

Alternatively, please contact the countywide service co-ordinator to discuss any additional requests: [email protected]

Alive N Kicking is a six-week continuous school programme delivered by Nutritionists and Physical Activity Specialists. The aim of the programme is to raise awareness of healthy eating and physical activity, and to allow children to explore how they can positively impact their own lives through food and activity choices.

Each one hour class will cover topics including the Eat Well Guide and Breakfast, 5-a day, Food Safety and Cooking Skills, School Lunches, Sugars, Fast Foods and Snacks. The physical activity component will vary between games-based activities, interval training and strength-based exercises.

Take-home materials and homework challenges will provide families with an opportunity to set whole family goals, work together to overcome hurdles and barriers to healthy eating and to be more active as a family. Parents will also receive a guide which contains information and resources that are delivered during the programme.

All resources, including worksheets, parent booklets and homework activities will be provided to the school by the Healthy You team.This programme will be particularly beneficial for schools with higher levels of overweight and obese pupils according to NCMP data.

Age-group9-11 years (yrs 5-6)
Intervention duration6 Weeks 1 hour (Split between nutrition workshop and physical activity session)  
CostFree to all schools in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough
Takes PlaceDuring school time
Group sizeUp to 30 pupils
Topics covered within nutrition workshopsEat Well Guide and Breakfast, 5 a Day, Food Safety and Cooking Skills, School Lunches, Sugar and Sugary Drinks, Fast food and Snack Attack.
The role of a nutritionist    The role of a physical activity specialist   

To find out more or to discuss the delivery of this programme please contact: [email protected]

Healthy You Self-Delivery Packs Available Free Of Charge

All packs comprise of: Teachers’ Notes, A Slide Presentation and Supporting Resources (hard-copies of which can be provided on request)

Healthy You; Healthy Eating –Is a series of resources that can help embed the Health Education curriculum and support the delivery of sessions based on food and nutrition. In addition to Healthy Eating, programme packs are available that address breakfast choices, takeaways, sugars and fluids and snacks.

Target: KS 3 and 4

Healthy You, Healthy Eating and Healthy Body packs for KS3-4    Healthy You Bite Size sessions for KS3-4   

Healthy You; Healthy Body –Packs to support the planning and delivery of the PSHE curriculum include:

Healthy Teeth



Stress  – Transition

Target: KS2

Healthy You, Healthy Body packs for KS2   

Healthy You; Healthy Body – Packs to support the planning and delivery of the PSHE curriculum include:




Stress – Exams

Teens Teeth

Target: KS 3 and 4

Healthy You, Healthy Eating and Healthy Body packs for KS3-4    Healthy You Bite Size sessions for KS3-4   

Please request the password to gain access to the files by clicking here:

Password for Healthy You, Healthy Eating and Healthy Body packs KS3/KS4

Password for Healthy You, Healthy Body Packs KS2 (

Password for Healthy You Bite Size sessions for KS3-4 (


You can request anyone of the Healthy You programmes to be delivered in school for free by emailing:

[email protected]