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Healthy Eating Self-Assessment

According to Public Health England, schools who take a ‘whole-school approach’ to healthy eating promotion and provide healthy meals to all students, show academic improvements at key stage 1 and 2. As part of the Healthy Schools Support Service, free consultation is available via PECT to support this through the delivery of teacher CPD, in-school workshops, lesson plans and resource provision as well as parent engagement.

In the meantime, schools may wish to complete a quick check to see if they are complying with the recommendations for food education, school food standards and the provision of opportunities to grow and cook fresh foods.

Self Assessment Tool   

PECT Provides Food Smart Support For Schools

PECT is passionate about helping children and young people to have healthy attitudes and behaviours towards food and nutrition, through developing the skills and abilities necessary to make informed choices.

Food Smart aims to assist schools in adopting a whole school approach towards healthy eating, food and nutrition through providing a one-to-one consultation. This should establish the schools needs and provide the opportunity to devise a manageable action plan. The following options of support will also be discussed:

  • Whole School Assemblies
  • Relevant Self-led Lesson Plans & Resources
  • Workshop Sessions
  • Teacher Training Opportunities
  • Parent Engagement Sessions
  • Referrals to other supporting services as part of the Healthy Schools partnership

This individual support will help to build awareness and confidence in food education whilst providing interactive and engaging learning for students.

All of the Food Smart lesson plans are designed in mini bite sized activities, for example; a starter activity can be delivered as a discussion point or an assembly with the “hands on” main activity  being addressed within a lesson at a later date. The lesson plans also include simple concepts which can be developed into more complex deeper learning elements by the links provided to other relevant resources and information.

For those schools who want to go the extra distance, PECT is available to support the achievement of the Healthy Eating section of the Healthy Schools Award.

Furthermore, for schools that have already achieved the original Food Smart accreditation or the Healthy Schools award, then there is the option to apply for the Food Smart Ambassador programme which can enable the school to acquire Healthy Schools Ambassador status.

To find out more about PECT visit: PECT – Home Page

To arrange a one-to-one consultation email: [email protected]

Food Smart Award

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