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Meldreth Primary School

Congratulations to Meldreth Primary School in achieving their Food Smart Award. In completing the Food Smart Bronze award, school leaders have brought together all the elements of current best practice to gain an overview of the whole school including preschool and wrap around care on children’s eating habits and preferences and supporting parents in making

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Northborough Primary

Our commitment to Food Smart is crucial to the education of all our students. We wanted to teach children about being healthy; allowing them to develop their cooking skills and give them the opportunity to grow their own fresh food. Through completing the Food Smart Bronze Award at Northborough Primary School, our school family – including

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Gladstone Academy

Completing Food Smart has challenged us to look at the things we already do in a different light. As a result of this we have introduced plant-based food options to our menus as well a more varied vegetarian selection. We have also been able to highlight the sustainability of the food we provide and display

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