Community Eyes and Ears

Eyes and Ears – a programme for the community

The Community Eyes and Ears programme provides an ideal platform for people of all ages to become more aware of the issues that can undermine personal safety and thereby emotional wellbeing but at the same time gain an understanding of how they can make a difference to their own lives and those around them. This may simply be a matter of spotting the signs that all may not be well with a neighbour, colleague, friend and knowing how to report potential concerns.

The Eyes and Ears programme for schools across both Cambridgeshire and Peterborough supports the requirements of the new Relationships, Sex and Health Education curriculum. The content, although differentiated for primary and secondary students, focuses on the issues of personal privacy, respect and consent to help young people achieve a better understanding of how to keep themselves safe and how to behave towards their peers, including online.

All of the teaching resources are available for FREE and schools that deliver the programme content as part of the wider RSHE programme will receive acknowledgement in the form of a certificate and the use of the Community Eyes and Ears logo which has been commissioned by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner as part of the building resilient communities project. This acknowledgement will provide good evidence for Ofsted of both the action taken to raise awareness of a variety of risk-taking behaviours as well as the commitment to building a safer, more tolerant and resilient school community.

The development of the programme has been funded by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire and is supported by:

  • Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council
  • The District Councils and the associated community safety partnerships
  • The Emergency Services
  • The Healthy Schools Service
  • A range of community associations

Information about the wider programme can be found here:

Eyes and Ears – a programme for schools

To achieve the greatest impact, the content of the Eyes and Ears programme has been designed for delivery to both primary and secondary students as well as to the wider school community.

The primary Eyes and Ears packagewhich is targeted at Years 5/6, supports the requirements of the new Relationships and Health Education curriculum and the importance of teaching personal safety.

The modules have been co-produced by The Cambridgeshire Police Children and Young People team and the East Cambridgeshire Community Safety Partnership in collaboration with other local, specialist services. Each one contains interactive activities and a variety of scenarios in order to promote discussion as well as encourage a positive approach to managing risk. The themes are as follows:

Module 1: Is It Worth It? Exploring risk taking behaviour.

Module 2: Keeping Safe In The Cyber World.

Module 3: Young Friends Against Scams

Module 4: Playing Games and Taking Chances

The resource pack for each module includes a presentation with videos embedded, supplementary activity sheets and a detailed lesson plan.

There is a student workbook which contains activities covering the first three modules and whilst this can be downloaded, printed copies are available for FREE and can be obtained on request by emailing:

The estimated time for delivery of each module is 60 – 90 minutes so that each one can be integrated and delivered as part of the wider RHE curriculum.

There are two delivery options for the Eyes and Ears programme for secondary students.

  1. The content can be delivered to selected students across one or more year groups with the intention of these students becoming Mentors to their peers and therefore instrumental in recognising and reporting potential issues of concern. This could take the form of a dedicated training day delivered with support from the East Cambridgeshire Community Partnership and Healthy Schools team.
  2. The themes of the programme can be addressed individually and delivered in support of the teaching in RSHE lessons.

The programme, in its entirety, addresses the following:

  • on-line safety
  • sexting and sharing indecent images
  • money laundering
  • healthy versus unhealthy relationships
  • hate crime
  • safeguarding
  • gangs /organised crime groups
  • radicalisation/extremism
  • vulnerability

A powerpoint presentation with embedded videos supports the delivery of all the themes together with a detailed teacher’s guide. There is also an accompanying student workbook which can be downloaded or printed versions are available for FREE to those schools choosing delivery option 1 and implementing a dedicated mentor training day. These can be obtained on request by emailing:

In consultation with the Cambridgeshire Police Children and Young People team and Cambridgeshire United it is the intention to continue to develop the content and scope of the programme for the new academic year 2021 – 2022.

The aim of this module is to raise awareness amongst all members of the school community of themes such as: cyber-crime, scams and fraud, hate crime, children and adults at risk of abuse and neglect, radicalisation, loneliness and modern slavery.

The idea is for individual staff members to reference the module in their own time to access the key points of information and relevant video clips which will support them to identify and report issues of concern both within the school and local community.

The approximate duration of the module is 45 minutes.

A booklet to support the module can be found here

Community Booklet   

To request copies of this booklet for the staffroom or school use please email –


How To Get Involved

Although the programme materials have been packaged for self-delivery and can be downloaded from this link:

Eyes and Ears Downloads   

support is available as and when required from the East Cambridgeshire Community Partnership and Healthy Schools team.

To request the passcode to gain access to the files simply click here:

When requesting the passcode, please indicate if a short briefing on the programme materials is required.

This can be arranged remotely and at a mutually convenient time; the aim of which will be to help identify a plan for delivery which best suits the needs of the school.

In the event of having any queries or wanting to have an initial, informal discussion, please contact: