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Food and nutrition is a major part of our lives; helping children and young people to have healthy attitudes and behaviours, along with good evidence based knowledge will enable them to make healthy choices and to develop the skills and abilities necessary to make informed choices about what they eat and drink, when and why, both now and in the future.

PECT is working as part of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Healthy Schools Service to support schools to adopt a whole school positive approach towards healthy eating, food and nutrition through our Food Smart Accreditation.

Food Smart is completely free of charge and comprises of –

  • Assemblies – virtual and in person
  • Lesson Plans & Resources – which can be mixed and matched to suit your needs
  • Workshop Sessions – students & parents
  • Teacher Training Opportunities
  • Links to local businesses, initiatives & other food related networks

Our individual support for schools and teachers helps to build awareness and confidence in food education whilst providing interactive learning for the students. Specific and targeted opportunities can also be organised on request for those schools that choose to participate in the Accreditation.

The Food Smart Accreditation is broken into 4 components –

  • Food Provision
  • Leadership
  • Education
  • Community

These work through progressive levels of Bronze, Silver or Gold (see the below Food Smart Accreditation Summary of Standards for more details). Once these standards have been reached, schools should contact PECT to arrange for their individual audit to take place. This is an informal chat which takes no longer than 30mins, as well as going through the standards, schools will also be given guidance on any areas that have not yet been met or on how to progress to the next level. This is all about supporting and sharing the good practice which has been seen to enable schools to meet the needs of their students.

To make it easier to navigate through Food Smart, please see our resource mapping to enable you to select the right resource for your students. All our lesson plans are designed in mini bite sized sections so for example; you may choose to take a starter activity to deliver as a discussion point or assembly and follow up with the rest of the lesson at a later date. The same principals have also been applied to their delivery. As you will see, we have given a rough guide to the Key Stage level, but included in the plans are simple starting foundations and more complex deeper learning elements, which include links to other supporting resources, so you can differentiate learning for your cohort as needed.

If you have any feedback, ideas for new resources or require further assistance, including a Food Smart Accreditation Audit, please get in touch at

Food Smart Resources Guide    Food Smart Summary of Standards   

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