Climate Education

A one-stop green hub. Bringing sustainability to your school.

We all have a part to play in the change that is needed both as individuals and within our local communities. That is why schools are vital in shaping young minds about climate change and sustainability.

We know teachers are busy; so, we’ve combined our 25 years of experience working with schools into one flexible, easy-to-use platform: Climate Education.

Developed in consultation with teachers and educators, Climate Education has been specifically developed for schools. It supports the aspirations of the DfE’s Sustainability and Climate Change strategy, whilst also linking closely with the global Sustainable Development Goals. The strategy details the requirements schools will need to have in place to play their part towards combating climate change –

  • Sustainability/Climate Change Action Plan
  • Dedicated Sustainability Lead
  • Carbon Literacy Training Member of Staff

Climate Education enables schools to showcase their commitment to enhancing knowledge of sustainability and fostering long-term behaviour change amongst their communities. The Climate Education programme guides schools through 5 key sustainability themes:

  • Zero Waste & Sustainable Living
  • Carbon & Climate Change
  • Our Natural Environment
  • Sustainable Travel
  • Local & Sustainable Food

Your Climate Education journey will also support core areas such as Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development, British Values, Health & Well-Being, Character Education and Health Education, in addition to the DfE’s Sustainability and Climate Change strategy.

As part of our Climate Education dashboard, members will have access to an interactive Sustainability Action Plan tool, helping them to set targets, actions and keep track of their progress. This can also be shared with other staff, leadership, and governors, to ensure that all stakeholders are working together in a whole school approach. The dashboard also hosts all our lesson plans, resources, activities and links to awareness campaigns and funding, saving teachers and educators time and effort in finding out about these key climate issues.

We want schools to view sustainability, not as something additional they need to do, but something that becomes part of, or a consideration of the teaching and learning that already takes place every day in classrooms.

To find out more, please visit – Home – Climate Education or contact the Climate Education at [email protected]