Safety Zone

The purpose of Safety Zone is to provide students in key stage 2, more specifically years 5 and 6, with a range of lifelong safety skills, in an enjoyable and interactive way. This intervention is available for free to all schools across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Safety Zone is an amalgamation of many partners, delivering different key safety messages to enable students to stay safe.

Safety Zone can be delivered in three ways:

  • Face to face with schools visiting a nearby Fire Station.

Children are divided into groups to visit each partner for 15 minutes and engage in the activities. (Currently not available due to COVID19 restrictions.)

  • An hour assembly delivered by Cambridgeshire Police and Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service on the school site.

This is a reduced Safety Zone and delivers messages on Road, Water, Cyber and Fire safety.  The team is able to deliver this outside during COVID19 restrictions with social distancing. (Weather permitting) Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue follow strict guidance from the National Youth Agency and the National Fire Chiefs Council with regard to working in the current COVID19 conditions.

  • Virtually online. Schools are able to access video content and messages via the Healthy Schools website. Supporting A4 workbooks can be sent out on request, which is recommended. As this is delivered through individual schools, local COVID19 restrictions apply.

Partners working to deliver Safety Zone:

  • Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue service – Delivering Fire safety in the home and Water safety.
  • Cambridgeshire Police – Delivering Cyber safety.
  • British Transport Police – Delivering Railway related safety.
  • Wood Green Animal Shelter – Delivering safety around Dogs.
  • East Cambridgeshire Community Safety Partnership – Delivering Stranger Safety and Anti-Social Behaviour as part of the wider Eyes and Ears programme.
  • Trading Standards – Delivering Product safety such as Kite Marks and British Standards.
  • Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council – Delivering Road Safety.
  • Fenland, Huntingdon, East Cambs, South Cambs District Councils and Cambridge City Council all provide various support as required.

Safety Zone School Guidance

This guidance will enable schools to access Safety Zone either face to face or virtually. It is each school’s choice as to whether it would like a visiting team to deliver a Road, Water, Fire and Cyber Safety assembly or to download and watch the online content.

Face to Face assembly – Due to the COVID19 restrictions some measures must be in place for the Safety Zone team to visit and deliver safely. Risk assessments will be sent out prior to the visit and will include any necessary precautions that will need to be taken. All children must be in classroom bubbles and sat apart from others in different bubbles. Hand sanitizer will be used by the team members and masks will be worn whilst walking around the school or when a two metre distance cannot be observed. A clear distance will also be maintained from the students during the delivery of the assembly which will last approximately one hour. A booklet with activities will then be provided for the students to reference and complete afterwards

For more information or to book an assembly, email:





Before starting the Safety Zone session, it is important that the passcode to access the videos is requested together with the required number of Safety Zone booklets. This can be done via the Healthy Schools mailbox:

A copy of the booklet can be viewed here: BOOKLET and once a request has been received, arrangements will be made to deliver these to the school.

The booklet is designed to be completed after the session and taken home to discuss with family members.

The video content can be watched altogether or viewed in sections to suit the needs and the arrangements of the class. It is suggested that the videos are paused at relevant points for questions, examples of which can be found in the student booklet. Key messages can also be discussed – of which there should be at least three for each of the safety themes. It is for this reason that it is recommended that the booklet is given out after the videos have been viewed.

Whilst the booklet can be completed by the students independently, it is recommended that it is referenced as a class after the delivery of the videos so that any questions arising from the content can be addressed within the session.

Following the Safety Zone session, it is kindly requested that a short online evaluation is completed to ensure that the Safety Zone partners continue to update and devise new content which is relevant and accords with the feedback received. The link to this evaluation will be sent to the school together with the requested passcode to the resources or following a face to face delivery of the assembly.

Safety Zone Downloads