Road Safety

To nurture the skills of resilience is key to providing young people with the ability to cope with stress, adversity, failure and challenges. Resilience is evident when young people have a greater ability to “bounce back” when faced with difficulties and achieve positive outcomes.

Resilience empowers the individual to recognise that following road safety rules can prevent accidents and potential deaths. It allows them to be aware and share good practices with their peers, families and other members of the community.

Around 5,000 children under the age of 16 die or are seriously injured on Britain’s roads each year

  • Nearly two in three road accidents happen when children are walking or playing.
  • Almost two-thirds of child accident victims are boys.
  • As a child gets older the risk of a road accident increases.
  • A child from a low-income family is five times more likely than a child from a high-income family to be killed on the road.
  • Children from an ethnic minority are involved in up to twice as many accidents while walking or playing as the national average.
  • The risk of being involved in a road accident when walking or playing is more than 10 times greater for a child with hearing difficulties.

  • Know the Green Cross code and safe crossing places on the road.
  • Understand risk and the effects of risky behaviour.
  • Be able to develop strategies to cope with dangerous situations caused by others.


  • Know their responsibilities as a pedestrian, a passenger and a future driver.
  • Know about issues affecting young drivers such as peer pressure, speeding, seatbelts, inexperience and overconfidence.
  • Have the communication skills that allows them to speak up in potentially dangerous and difficult road safety scenarios to influence a safer outcome.


Source – AA

Local Support

Road Safety Education for Schools

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Road Safety Peterborough – Initiatives and Campaigns

The Travelchoice and Road Safety team at Peterborough City Council offer many free resources, workshops and support to help schools encourage staff, pupils and parents to travel to school in a safe, healthy and sustainable way. We work with a range of expert partners to offer a huge variety of free initiatives, projects, campaigns and

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