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Histon and Impington Park Primary School

Congratulations to Histon and Impington Park Primary School for the developments that the staff have made at such a challenging time to establish the foundations for a healthy school. It is evident that the interventions and programmes that have been initiated have already had an impact on the pupils ( especially in terms of enjoyment of physical activity) and now that this mindset has been channelled everyone is well aware of the potential that this can bring in terms of increasing the opportunities for the school community to make healthier life choices. The journey to date has been a positive and rewarding one and it is apparent that through the honest and pragmatic dialogue that has taken place this will be continued.  All the staff should be very proud of the progress that has been achieved in such a short time frame; they have proven that with commitment anything is possible and it is reassuring that as well as focusing on providing “catch up opportunities” for the core curriculum areas, the staff have also prioritised the health and wellbeing of both staff and pupils.

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