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Learn to navigate difficult conversations with children about abuse with ‘Talk to Me’

To support people who work or volunteer with children, the NSPCC has offered their research and expertise and collaborated with gamified specialists Attensi. They have developed a pilot 3D interactive learning tool called ‘Talk to Me’ – to help adults build their confidence in having conversations with children about difficult subjects like abuse, and ensure children are always listened to.

The ‘Talk to Me’ tool has been funded by Innovate UK as part of its national COVID- 19 response initiative. The tool was informed by the NSPCC 2019 ‘Let your children know you’re listening research’ and their expert advice – to ensure that the tool is relevant to the UK Child Protection context.

One of the key findings from the 2019 research was that children and young people wanted adults to make it clear that they are listening and taking them seriously.

The free tool enables learners to

  • access simulated characters and interact with fictional child characters
  • learn how to respond to the children and build their trust to help them talk about their experiences
  • to build knowledge and confidence to talk to children about abuse.

The scenarios are based in a school setting and focus on domestic and sexual abuse.

Access to ‘Talk to me’ is free for anyone until December 2021 and the simulations can be revisited as many times as you like.

To access the resource, go to:Learn to navigate difficult conversations with children about abuse with ‘Talk to Me’ | NSPCC Learning

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