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Joe Mitton, owner and founder of MittFit, is a multi-award winning personal trainer who has worked directly with over 1,000 local Cambridge residents and does a lot for his community through work in schools, homeless shelters and other charities. MittFit takes a holistic approach to health and fitness working hard to personalise as much of it as possible in accordance with the needs and ability of the participants.

MittFit delivers Kids Inclusive Training (KIT) for schools.

KIT comprises of group exercise classes for all ages and abilities focused on fun and inclusivity rather than skill.

The sessions focus on the progression of each child as an individual as well as promoting fun, inclusivity and most importantly  a positive attitude toward exercise.

Outside of these sessions MittFit will provide each school with a free Talking Food workshop with accompanying resources for parents and children as well as a nutrition focused workshop for the teachers.

In summary, each school will get:

  • The MittFit Food Storage Guide 
  • The MittFit Meal Prep Guide
  • The MittFit 5 Ingredient Recipe Pack
  • Talking Food Workshop – delivered as an assembly or class by class with follow up resources for parents
  • Boosting Productivity Through Nutrition Workshop – for the teachers
  • Support with planning routines and activities for teachers to encourage the children to accumulate their 60 active daily minutes

Every school that makes an enquiry about receiving a bespoke KIT package will be offered a free taster session of KIT; this can be delivered to one class or all classes each receiving a 20 minute workout as well as one of the nutrition workshops for the pupils or staff.

To find out more:

Visit: Home | mitt-fit.co.uk

Call: 07811339161

Email: [email protected]

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