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PECT – Creating sustainable places

PECT is an environmental charity that aims to make places better for people and the planet. We promote sustainable practices to help protect our environment now and to leave a legacy for future generations.

Globally we are using more resources than the planet can renew each year. This means that we are emitting more carbon than the oceans and forests can absorb, we are catching more fish, felling more trees, harvesting more, and consuming more water than the Earth is able to produce in the same period. Things urgently need to change in order to protect our natural environment and enjoy a better quality of life for ourselves and our families.

PECT aims to play a part in tackling these issues through delivering projects of local, regional and national significance. Our vision is for Sustainable Places. By this, we mean that: the natural environment is healthy, communities are involved in their area, health and wellbeing is improved for all, resource use is responsible and doesn’t compromise the needs of others, now and into the future. Our aim is to inspire future generations to live sustainably and to encourage positive behaviour change.

Through our Eco Charter for schools, PECT is embedding knowledge of sustainability issues into classes to inspire the next generation of forward-thinking students.Our Eco Charter covers 10 different themed areas from food to mental health, heritage and land use.  The charity supports environmental education from Early Years all the way through to university students; encouraging over 130,000 young people a year to think sustainably and collectively reduce their impact on the environment.

We act as a single point of contact for settings including primary and secondary schools as well as nurseries and other local environmental education providers in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdon and Fenland to facilitate a collaborative and coordinated approach to eco education. In addition to this, PECT runs a variety of other projects focused on encouraging behaviour change in communities and schools which focus in on specific issues being faced.

Watch PECT - Food in schools webinar July 2020   

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