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Teaching Resources to support the Better Health Food Scanner App

As part of the new childhood nutrition campaign from Better Heath, Public Health England has just launched a new  NHS Food Scanner  App to help students and their families explore what is in their food and drink in an interactive and fun way, enabling them to make healthier swaps and choices.

A range of curriculum linked teaching resources are also available on School Zone

including an activities toolkitassembly, sharing with families toolkit , leaderboard print-outs as well as take-home leaflets to give to students.

At a local level, the funded Food Smart programme also supports the aim of the Better Health campaign to inspire students to adopt healthier habits for life.

As part of the wider Healthy Schools initiative, Food Smart has provided healthy eating and nutrition education to primary schools across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough over the last 3 years. This provision has now been extended to secondary schools and includes the offer of free consultancy with ProVeg UK which works in support of school caterers to implement simple menu changes to encourage more sustainable and healthier food choices.

Food Smart comprises of many elements including assemblies (virtual as well as in person), lesson plans and resources (KS1 – 3), workshop sessions for both students and parents, teacher training opportunities as well as links to local businesses and food related networks.

The Food Smart offer continues to be shaped by the feedback received from schools to ensure it evolves and remains relevant to the needs that are emerging locally.

To get involved or for further information contact:

[email protected] or [email protected]

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