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What’s New

The sense of community and the motivation to look out for each other has never been more significant than in the here and now of daily life. Staying safe and keeping well are priorities for us all and everyone has a part to play.

In addition to the Community Eyes and Ears campaign which has already been launched across the county there is now a bespoke version of this programme available free of charge for schools to involve both primary and secondary students.

What’s New

As students return to school over the coming week undoubtedly there will be many different challenges for everyone concerned. The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Commissioning Team in conjunction with a range of organisations has started to collate an information bank of training and useful web links to enable schools to support both the physical and mental health needs of their communities and to build resilience.

What’s New

Sign up for The Daily Mile™ this Autumn and get the free Destinations resource!

This Autumn there is a new downloadable resource called Destinations. This is a fun resource where classes travel around the world each time they do The Daily Mile. It can be started at any time. For a limited time, new schools that sign up to The Daily Mile will be sent a pack of the key resources to start them off.


Personal, Social and Health Education

Find resources here on the themes of: drugs, alcohol, smoking and vaping, oral health, hygiene, puberty, relationships, LGBTQ, living in the wider world

Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being

Find resources here on the themes of: bullying, on-line stress, exam stress, bereavement, sleep and healthy minds.

Keeping Safe

Find guidance and information on the themes of: road safety, water safety, fire safety, safeguarding, first aid, crime and the law and online safety.


Find out how to get involved in delivering a universal resilience programme through which young people will be enabled to acquire the skills to help them avoid risk taking behaviours, choose healthy lifestyles and improve their long term health outcomes.

Physical Activity

Find guidance to support young people to become physically literate, active, happier and more self-assured and resilient. Resources also focus on walking and cycling initiatives as well as swimming and The Daily Mile

Healthy Eating

Find here a range of practical activities to encourage healthy eating as well as information to support school food standards, nutrition and food education.

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