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‘ABC Project’ delivered by Dhiverse

The ‘ABC Project’, delivered by Dhiverse, is for anyone with a learning difficulty or autism who needs support and information around relationships, sex, sexual health and keeping safe.

In addition Dhiverse also supports parents, carers and professionals to explore the relationship and sexual needs of people with a learning difficulty or autism – with the aim of helping them understand some of the barriers people face and to consider more effective ways to communicate with them about these topics. The project is funded by ‘National Lottery Community Fund’.

Since the start of the first lockdown in March, the ABC Team has been very busy working with service users on a 1-1 basis mostly via Zoom, Teams and WhatsApp. Dhiverse is currently supporting a high number of people through the second lockdown and has noticed a sharp increase in the number of referrals being made since March. The team is offering group ABC sessions via Zoom and participants to date have said how much they are enjoying them.

The ABC Project team has arranged a variety of activities to take place between 24th November and 10th December including separate Zoom Singing and Dancing sessions, a quiz, an art competition, a word search, spot the ball etc., for which prizes will be given.

For more details and dates and times of events go to the website: https://www.dhiverse.org.uk/our-services/learning-disabilities-difficulties/

Anyone with a learning difficulty or autism and their family are friends are welcome to join any of the online events.

For more information please contact Liz MacKenzie, Project Manager

T: 01223 508805

M: 07985 447846

E: [email protected]

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