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Creating therapeutic moments of care; an immersive training day

Thursday 9th May at Storey’s Field in Eddington

Cambridge Acorn Project, Fullscope, Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination and our research partner Dr. Zoe Moula, will be drawing on the experience of working together to co-host a creative training experience to build knowledge, skills and understanding of how elements from Artscaping can help create therapeutic moments of care. We are inviting local organisations working with children and young people to nominate up to 4 colleagues to join us. The aim of the day is for participating colleagues to experience four different Artscaping encounters in four different spaces, meet local partners, and reflect together on how creative experiences can be therapeutic in nature.

Artscaping is an established arts-in-nature programme, with a growing body of research-led evidence, that supports creative learning, mental health and well-being. It places creativity and imagination at the heart of a practice that connects children and communities to their local environments and landscapes.

As we all know the prevalence of mental health disorders in children and young people is increasing, as is the mental health gap between the poorest and wealthiest children. We also know substantial benefits for well-being are derived from contact with nature, yet children now spend less time outdoors and are less well connected to the natural environment. In response to these challenges, artscaping fosters experiential connections with nature, that in turn bring positive impacts for everyone involved- children, young people and the adults who support them. 

“Don’t worry about starting, it’s fun and there are friendly people… And don’t worry about not being good at it, just try. I’ve been surprised because I thought I wasn’t very good at craft”. Tobias, 6 years old. 

“I got a lot from this work. I felt like we were really caring for families, not just showing them a website or putting them on a waiting list”. Lynda, family support work.

“This has helped me to take a moment for myself”. Jade, primary school teacher. 

Our work with Fullscope and Cambridge Acorn Project:

 Artscaping has become an integral part of the work of Fullscope. Since the programme began in 2016, we’ve learnt how Artscaping can enable communities to become safer and more supportive places for children and young people, offering an early intervention strategy for emerging mental health concerns and support for those children and young people who may not be eligible for other targeted support. Part of the programme has been delivered with family therapy charity Cambridge Acorn Project, leading to further understanding of the impact of the practice: 

“I spend most of my day thinking where am I going to get help for these children. The need is so high. The link between CCI and CAP is really positive. The parents really notice and appreciate it. They come and thank me and say this is just what their children need. It fills me with joy to talk about it”. Stella, SENCO lead.

The training day:

This creative exchange has been planned to explore ways in which the Artscaping practice might be relevant to our colleagues in the wider system supporting children and young people.

Delegates will work in small groups led by a CCI artist and CAP therapist, and will receive support in designing principles and practical steps to act upon in the following weeks. As part of the day, the evidence base for the work with be highlighted and explained by Dr Zoe Moula, and a concluding plenary will gather reflections at the end of the day. 

Each delegate will: 

  • Receive a reflective guide and support pack of Artscaping resources including art materials to get started
  • Attend two online follow up meetings with a CCI artist and therapist to continue sharing reflections and support. 
  • Participate in the evaluation of the training and receive findings from the evaluation. 

Due to funding from Kings College London, we are able to offer every spot at a subsidised rate of £25 including lunch and cake (: but we don’t want this to be a barrier for our partners so please let us know if this is an issue. Bookings can be made here through the Eventbrite platform.

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