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Crisis Tools – The tools to help you support young people in crisis

The Healthy Teen Mind Crisis Tools learning guides have been produced in conjunction with Health Education England with the aim to increase knowledge and confidence in providing support to young people who are suffering with their mental health.

The guides are relevant to anyone who may find themselves supporting a young person in crisis including parents, carers and professionals.

The Crisis Tools are presented in short video guides and text formats and can be accessed for free at: www.crisistools.org.uk

 The content covers:

  1. What you need to know before beginning to interact with a young person in crisis.
  2. How to start the conversation to build trust and achieve successful dialogue with young people either in person, over the phone or online.
  3. How to talk about risk with understanding of the young person’s perspective and how to direct the conversation if it goes off track.
  4. How to wrap things up in a collaborative way which feels comfortable and safe for everyone.

Background and more information can be found here:

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