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DHIVERSE is offering a New Webchat Service

DHIVERSE is offering a New Webchat Service – Supporting Sexual Health, Sex & Relationships

It can be difficult to access services in person at the moment and the lockdown and the pandemic can make sex and relationships, as well as keeping on top of our sexual health difficult. Even when things are ‘normal’, it can sometimes be a bit embarrassing talking face to face with someone about sexual health, sexual wellbeing, and related issues. It is for these reasons that Dhiverse has launched a new webchat service. The webchat service is a way for people to connect with one of the sexual health, sex and relationships and HIV professionals without the need to book a face to face session or have the struggle of finding a convenient time to phone during office hours.

Webchat gives people the opportunity to chat online with one of the friendly team and to get free, confidential, and non-judgemental support and information. Dhiverse does not tell anyone what to do, but will give non-judgemental, unbiased information to help people make their own informed decisions. The team can also signpost to other relevant support and information and although medical advice cannot be given, clients can be told where to go for it.

For more information and opening times visit the website:


or email Meg Veit at [email protected]

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