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Healthy Selfie

10th-21st JANUARY 2022

The healthy selfie campaign is for schools and families to show how they stay active and promote and celebrate healthy lifestyles.
This can be anything from walking to school, PE lessons, active breaks, trampolining in the garden, active learning, a trip out in nature, cooking healthy foods or making healthy snack options.
This is a great way of sharing ideas, celebrating those big and small healthy choices and inspiring others to be active and eat well.

To get involved as a school all you need to do is:
• Set aside a noticeboard for children and staff to display their
healthy selfie pictures
• Set the healthy selfie challenge as a homework task
• Celebrate children’s successes
• Tweet what you have been doing using #CandPHealthySelfie

Staying active and eating well is important so get involved and share what you are doing!
We can’t wait to see your healthy selfies!

Here is Week Ones Challenge

Week 1: 10th-16th January
Show everyone what you like doing to keep healthy!

Can you take a healthy selfie……
• Riding your bike or scooter
• Having active fun with family or friends
• Making a healthy snack
• Bouncing on a trampoline
• Climbing a tree
• Walking your dog
• Playing in the park
• Of something else you do to stay active and healthy

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