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Caring Together

Caring Together organises awareness raising campaigns as well as provides advice and information to local community organisations as well as schools to enable carers to be recognised and have choices.

This includes supporting young carers across Huntingdonshire and Peterborough as well as Young Adult Carers across Cambridgeshire.

Caring Together works with schools across Huntingdonshire and Peterborough to help them identify and support young carers. This includes supporting them to achieve the Carer Friendly Tick Award which recognises schools that have put in place good practice to identify and support young carers. Any school/college in Cambridgeshire is able to apply. To find out more visit our website here.

A free resource for EYFS and KS1 is also available to help identify and support young carers who can be as young as four years old. There is also an animated film which accompanies the resource. To find out more go to www.caringtogether.org/infant-carers

Support for family carers

Caring Together offers a range of support for carers of all ages as well as for the people who are being cared for. This includes:

  • Information, advice and guidance to help people in their caring role
  • Tailored services for young carers and young adult carers including groups, outcome-focused support, trips and supporting access to additional support (e.g. bursaries)
  • Local adult carer groups and support from other carers
  • Care in the home and community for adults and children
  • Assistance to plan for the unexpected
  • Immediate support in a crisis

Contact us, or signpost people to us, to find out how we can help in specific circumstances.

[email protected]

0345 241 0954

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