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Cambridgeshire Child and Adolescent Substance Use Service (CASUS)provides information, support and specialist treatment in Cambridgeshire around drug and alcohol use to young people under 18 years of age and their families. CASUS is a NHS team that specialises in working with young people who have developed problematic or harmful use of substances. We see young people at school, college, GP surgery, community club, our office or at home.Alcohol and drugs include all legal substances prescribed and over the counter medications, as well as solvents/volatile substancesand illegal substances. It does not include tobacco.

CASUS can offer young people:

•Sessions about drugs and alcohol to those who have been identified as vulnerablei.e.at risk and/or using substances. These can be in education or community settings.

•Brief intervention packages (one to three sessions)with a young person requiring short term work including screening, targeted education and personalized feedback. Thismaybe inresponse to a single incident or substance related concern.

•An informal “meet-and-greet” visit prior to referral to the team.

•Comprehensive assessment of substance misuse needs, including mental health assessment, care planning, and long-term support.

•Interventions including mentalization and cognitive behavioural work, motivational interviewing, relapse prevention, physical health assessment, family work, harm reduction, detoxification and specialist prescribing.

•Support and information to parents/carers and concerned others regarding young people’s drug and alcohol use.

CASUS can offer professionals:

•Screening tools that will assist in identifying a young person’s need for substance use information, targeted education and/or referral for specialist interventions.

•Structured consultancy to support professionals in addressing drug and alcohol use in their work with young people. This can include provision of resources, telephone support and informal supervision.

•Attendance at relevant strategic groups such as, team-around family meetingsand mapping meetings.

•Training for your team,where a local need or substance misuse related issue has been identified

•Multi-disciplinary Training sessions delivered by CASUS on drug and alcohol use are provided via Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Safeguarding Board www.safeguardingcambspeterborough.org.uk/children-board/professionals/training/

Referral Criteria

•Young person is under 18 years of age

•Young person is resident in Cambridgeshire

•Young person has a drug or alcohol related need or concern

•Young person has agreed to meet with CASUS

How To Refer:

  • Referrals can be made using the Early Help Assessment or the CASUS Referral Form.
  • Young people can also refer themselves over the phone by calling: 01480 445 316
  • CASUS Referral Forms can be accessed here:

To request a group session for young people who may benefit from specific input on drugs and alcohol, use this form:

Email:[email protected]

Telephone:01480 445316(Monday-Friday 9am-5pm)

First ResponseService: 111, option 2 for mental health crisis advice, 24 hours

Young Person’s GP: This is a reasonable first port of call if there are not immediate signs of medical crisis

A&E/999: If there is a medical emergency (overdose, fitting, acute suicidality, or acute withdrawal signs)

Frank: 0300 123 660 / text 82111.

www.talktofrank.com 24-hour drugs advice

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