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Nessie is commissioned by Cambridgeshire County Council to provide free support to families of children and young people who self-harm.  Nessie will be offering:

  • parent workshops across Cambridgeshire schools, in community settings and online
  • targeted 1-1 parent support
  • telephone and online parent support
  • school based group support for targeted group of young people

NESSie is a not-for-profit organisation providing easy access to arts therapies, counselling, support, training and supervision so that children, young people and their families can thrive.  We provide support through partnering with local schools, county councils and community organisations. Parents can also reach out to us directly.  We are proud to offer qualified, regulated, child centered, flexible support.  Our Mental Health Leads training is quality assured by the DfE.

Contact us:

[email protected]
Website: https://nessieined.com | Twitter: https://twitter.com/NESSieinEd | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NESSieinEd


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