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The Kite Trust

The Kite Trust offers tailored staff training packages for all schools and colleges on LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, questioning plus other related identities) inclusion and combating LGBTphobic bullying (also known as HBT – homophobic, biphobic and transphobic- bullying). We also deliver assemblies and workshops for students across the age ranges and offer support around gender identity and sexuality for individual children and young people referred to us by schools and other professionals.

We are the regional provider of the nationally-recognised Rainbow Flag Award.

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The Kite Trust is the largest LGBTQ+ youth charity in the East of England, founded in Cambridge in 1993. Our services for schools and colleges work to promote a positive culture of acceptance through educating staff and pupils on the challenges faced by minority sexualities and gender identities, while providing young people with tools to better support their peers, and staff with skills to better support their LGBTQ+ students and colleagues.

We work with over 3500 pupils per year, delivering training to over 250 teachers, education colleagues and other professionals across Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and the wider region.

We welcome opportunities to partner with other organisations including Centre 33, Dhiverse and the PSHE Service to support schools and colleges to develop their equality and diversity policies and practice.

Our training courses include: LGBTQ+ Inclusion; Trans Inclusion; Tackling HBT bullying; Challenging Gender Stereotypes; LGBTQ+-inclusive Relationships Education (Primary) and LGBTQ+-inclusive Relationships and Sex Education (Secondary) – both in line with local PSHE guidance and statutory requirements.

Workshops for students can cover:  LGBTQ+ Awareness; Celebrating Different Families (primary); Challenging Gender Stereotypes; Setting up an LGBTQ+ Group in School; LGBTQ+-inclusive literacy package (primary); Combating LGBTQ+ phobic behaviour; Inclusive Sexual Health (secondary RSE); LGB Migration: (secondary Geography); Gender Explorers: Non-Binary Identities Across the World (secondary).

The Rainbow Flag Award is a national quality assurance framework for all schools and colleges, with a focus on LGBTQ+ inclusion and visibility. The Rainbow Flag Award takes a holistic, organisation-centred approach to LGBTQ+ inclusion, as well as developing strategies to combat LGBTphobic bullying. 

Schools and colleges that sign up for The Rainbow Flag Award are committing to making a sustainable improvement in their ethos, policies and practices with regard to LGBTQ+inclusion and visibility. It will impact positively on the lives and experiences of their whole school/college community as well as their LGBTQ+ children, young people, families, staff and governors.

Participating schools and colleges work towards completing the award through a year-long process of self-assessment with ongoing support, monitoring and feedback from The Kite Trust, to meet set standards in six areas of school/college life, namely:

  • Skilled teachers
  • Supportive governors and parents
  • Effective policies
  • Inclusive curriculum
  • Pastoral support
  • Pupil voice

For more information about The Kite Trust, see: https://www.thekitetrust.org.uk/

For more information about The Rainbow Flag Award, see: www.thekitetrust.org.uk/schools-services/rainbow-flag-award/

For more information about our schools and training programmes, contact:

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[email protected]

tel: 01223 369508

To make student referrals and for more information about our services for young people, contact:

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[email protected]

tel: 01223 369508

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