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The British Red Cross is offering a free wellbeing workshop for ages 10-19

Coping with challenges: A free 60-minute wellbeing workshop from the British Red Cross As we approach Mental Health Awareness Week (May 9-15) and the end of the school year, we know many of you are looking for resources to support your students.   The British Red Cross has a free workshop to help build resilience, develop problem solving skills and support wellbeing. Coping with challenges is a 1-hour long session, available online and face-to-face in some areas of the UK. Your class will:  
– Experience an interactive workshop with group tasks, activities, and reflection time
– Learn about the four pillars of resilience to cope with challenges
– Gain an understanding of the relationship between resilience and connections with others
– Build confidence to apply this vital learning in their everyday lives
This free experiential session is aimed at ages 10 to 19 and for groups of between 5 to 35.  

“The session was absolutely excellent – the children were able to face challenges (and conquer them!) in a safe, supportive environment. As they were having fun the usual feelings of anger, anxiety, upset, fear that may appear when challenges arise were not present. They could calmly consider what action they could take to solve the problem, even having fun while doing it!” – Teacher

Free community education workshops for young people (redcross.org.uk)

More about British Red Cross workshops

British Red Cross workshops are designed to help young people ages 10 to 19 build vital life skills in a fun and engaging environment. Guided by experienced educators, they offer well-researched and effective approaches to educating young people on topics such as wellbeing, first aid and humanitarian issues.  

The Coping with challenges workshop is fully funded by the British Red Cross’ partnership with Aviva, so there’s no cost to your school.

“The British Red Cross educator was very engaging with all learners. It was great that he had a relatable activity, and the class were able to think about their personal challenges too. I thought it was useful for them to think that challenges aren’t necessarily a bad thing, but they also learn and grow from them.” – Teacher

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