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YMCA Trinity Group Thrive App

With mental health issues rising and 87% of children with problems using social media and 20% of young people seeking help via the internet; more is needed to create safe online spaces. The Thrive App provides this safe space 24/7 and is available to students across the region at a vastly reduced cost.

A unique partnership between YMCA Trinity Group and Thrive (the app’s developers) is delivering the proven benefits. Approved by the NHS, it is available to school staff and students at a fraction of the open market cost – from just £2 per user! It has also achieved significant coverage across regional TV, at the International Festival of Learning and received recognition from the Secretary for State for Health!

The Thrive App is now available to any educational setting across the region, with a separate student (11+) and staff version for primary, secondary and college employees.

A new video has been launched to demonstrate how the app works and to give schools real life case studies of its use by young people and staff.

Click below to play the video and see what it can do for you!

As an exclusive offer from the developers, if you purchase the app for your whole student population, you only have to pay for 70%! Saving you 30% off the already subsidised rates!

Ryan Armes, Mental Health & Education Manager at YMCA Trinity Group said: “Mental health issues are reaching crisis levels, and there simply isn’t enough support for young people. And yet if caught early enough, simple preventative strategies can be enough to stop mental health issues escalating.

“Thrive is a clinically proven tool developed by mental health specialists. In our trials, the app identified many young people displaying signs of moderate to severe depression. Using the exercises and techniques within the app, more than a quarter of these students reported signs of recovery, whilst others sought external help. Our research indicates that the cost of treatment totalled under £4 per person vs a minimum of £270 for 1-to-1 treatment as part of a basic counselling programme. This shows how effective it can be as a tool alongside other support.”

The top negative situations reported by users of the app were how they look, problems with friends, a recent event or feelings of self-consciousness. The app responds to specific issues with recommended activities, from breathing techniques to distraction activities, and clinical tools such as cognitive behavioural therapy.

For more information click here, contact YMCA on 01733 373187 or email [email protected].

‘Thrive is a perfect companion for people that want to manage their mental health, but don’t want to stick their hand up and seek support in person.’ Student Support Worker
‘We are delighted to be one of the first to use the app and see the benefits it brings to our students and teachers. The social media world we now live in means that young people are under more pressure than ever, but the app is all about building resilience to enable them to live happier, stress free lives.’ Deputy Head

YMCA Trinity Group also provides a wide range of mental health services to schools in Northants, Cambs, Peterborough and Suffolk including counselling and therapy for children aged five and over plus staff and parents, as well as group work, staff training, and whole school well-being consultations. Click here for more details.

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