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Beat the bugs with e-Bug

Never has there been a more critical time to educate children and young people about infection prevention and control than now during the Covid 19 pandemic.

e-Bug – operated by Public Health England and endorsed by NICE- is a free educational resource for classroom and home use and makes learning about micro-organisms, the spread, prevention and treatment of infection fun and accessible for all teachers and students from the age of 5 – 18 years.

All activities and lesson plans are designed to complement the National Curriculum and each topic has been mapped so that it is easy to find resources that fit into the subject being taught. The student pages complement the teacher resources by providing online games, revision pages and lots more to continue the learning experience at home.

Whilst some of the e-Bug resources can be found here


the e-Bug website has a dedicated teacher’s section for both primary and secondary schools.

These teacher sections contain the following:

  • Detailed lesson plans
  • Engaging student worksheets
  • Extension activities
  • Animations
  • Activity demonstrations
  • Assembly packs

Additionally the e-Bug Health Educator Training is a free on-line course to support the teaching of children and young people about microbes, preventing the spread of infection and antibiotic use in an engaging and age-appropriate way. The course can be used to support parents, carers and educators to teach children using the e-Bug resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Find out more about the full range of teaching materials as well as training opportunities by visiting the website: http://www.e-bug.eu

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