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NSPCC ‘IN CTRL’ virtual support service

What is In Ctrl?

In Ctrl is a group work programme for children and young people that aims to help them keep safe and prevent online sexual abuse. It lasts up to 8 weeks and can be delivered 1-to-1 when a child or young person needs extra support.

Who is it for?

This is a service for children aged 9-13 who may:

  • have existing vulnerabilities due to previous adverse experiences in their childhood. These adverse experiences may include physical, sexual, domestic or emotional abuse, neglect, parental ill health or substance use or absence or separation from parents.
  • have some worries about their off or online life
  • have some worries because of the current situation with COVID 19.

What types of things does the programme support young people with?

• Friendships, relationships, and family life;

• Social media, online spaces and enjoying life online and offline.

• Learning about some of the risks online and who and what can help with these;

• Building on the strengths and happiness;

• Asking for help and information

How are parents/carers supported?

The NSPCC practitioners support parents to help them understand the work that is being offered to their children and provide them with the opportunity to discuss any concerns they have.

If you want to discuss this virtual 1:1 service further or wish to refer a child call NSPCC Peterborough on 01733 207620 or

email [email protected]

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