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Evaluation for ‘SafeConsume’

Would you be interested in taking part in an Evaluation for ‘SafeConsume’ materials?

Public Health England is evaluating ‘SafeConsume’ educational materials about food hygiene practices. This research is being led by the e-Bug team and is part of a European-wide project which includes England, Portugal, Hungary and France.

The research team is seeking participation from schools that represent both urban and rural demographics and require classes between Year 7 and Year 13.

If a school chooses to take part it will be provided with teacher training sessions as well as the lesson plans and resources to be delivered and subsequently evaluated. The results of the study will then be used to inform the future development of the “SafeConsume” educational resources and will provide the basis of a publication which will be shared with the participating schools.

Public Health England is offering remuneration of £40 in high-street vouchers to participating teachers as well as e-Bug materials for the students.

For full details of the research please see the Participation Information sheet.

Participation Sheet SafeConsume   
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