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We are a voluntary service focused on supporting young people identified by services as being at significant/moderate risk of Criminal Exploitation within Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. We can work with young people up to the age of 17, currently we have no minimum age restriction.

We take referrals from a range of statutory and community services such as health professionals, schools, Children’s Social Care and youth offending teams. However, as a voluntary service we require a lead professional to maintain oversight of overall safeguarding concerns whilst we provide focused support to young people

Our Team’s support

  • Building positive relationships via one-on-one support for young people
  • Safety planning and keeping safe advice
  • Advocacy for activities
  • Practical support where it enhances opportunities to move away from exploitative environments
  • Support for children affected by criminal exploitation

Referral process/contact

For referrals to be considered for support, please complete both our referral form and a Child Criminal Exploitation Assessment Tool and send both to us at YOSSafeReferral@cambridgeshire.gov.uk .

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